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The Gudereit EC-40 foldo e-bike combines convenience, style and performance perfectly. This award-winning bike folds up to a compact size.

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Town and Country

Gudereit town and country e-bikes are the perfect choices for those who want to explore the outdoors in comfort and style.

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Our premium e-bikes combine the convenience and power of a Bosch electric motor with the comfort and performance of a traditional bike.

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Ultra Low Maintenance

With their combination of Gates carbon fibre belt and sealed gearbox, these bikes provide an oil and dirt-free transmission with virtually no maintenance required.


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Gudereit ET12.5 review

gudereit et12.5 evo electric bike

Gudereit ET 12.5 Enviolo electric bike

This is a short blog reviewing the new 2023/24 Gudereit ET 12.5 fat tyre CX / Enviolo.

I took delivery of two newly released brand new bikes this week and have one as our demonstrator in Devon. On Sunday, I went out for a group ride with my good friends at the Teign Valley Bashers.

We’re based in the Teign Valley in Devon, and believe it or not, there are very few flat rides in Devon. It’s all up and down; hence this was a great test ride to get used to and evaluate the ET 12.5.

Gudereit ET 12.5 fat tyre CX : Enviolo1

Bosch power combined with Envilio gears

What makes the ET12.5 unique is that it combines the Bosch CX motor with 75 Newton metres of power with the Enviolo trekking gearbox, one of the few hub gears that can take the power of the CX motor. This, combined with the gates belt drive, means no dirt, oil, or last chain exists.

The group set off from Starcross on the River Exe estuary and headed up into the hills for about 10 miles, where we stopped for a coffee and chat at Partridges Cycles near Exeter. This was quite a coincidence cause the Partridge Cycles superstore is one of our main bike shops in the UK. Nothing to do with me…honest coincidence!

I was interested to see how the bike performed with and without using the CX motor. I have to say that riding along using the Enviolo hub gears took a few minutes to get used to. Still, after about half an hour, it became almost second nature. Because the Enviolo is a continuously variable gearing, you get no clicks, bumps, or crunches with other gearboxes or chain sets. It rolls beautifully along the road, and while the range of the Enviolo (380%) might not be as much as a Rohloff (526%) or pinion gearbox, it was excellent on the Devon roads and tracks. I especially liked the low gears that made hill climbing with and without the motor a lot easier, but it does not have the high gears ratios of other gear sets, but having said that, it was still good for peddling up to 23 miles an hour.

Gudereit ET 12.5 fat tyre CX : Enviolo1

Use your own legs or the motor!

The Enviolo ratios enable you to go up inclines without using the motor but with your own legs, obviously, and when you put on the CX motor, you whizz away. To be honest, I felt very guilty about going above Tour because I felt I wasn’t pushing myself enough (guilt trip!). Having said that, on the last three or four miles of the 20-mile ride, I decided enough was enough, and I put the motor on and just whizzed along effortlessly.

I had been waiting quite a while for this bike to arrive as it ticks all the boxes for a modern-day Ebike. It has the fat tyres (62mm), a Bosch CX motor, the Enviolo trekking hub gears, and most importantly, the Gates belt drive , a 625 battery, and the latest Bosch smart system with the Intuvia 100 display.

Gudereit ET 12.5 fat tyre CX : Enviolo1

Summary: All round great electric bike

My wait was worthwhile. It’s a super Ebike for everyday riding, especially on the South Coast hills and Peak District. It can ease your way up the steepest of hills, should you wish to.

We now have these bikes in UK stock for delivery at the market-leading price of £4400 RRP

As a footnote, for the ride of 20 miles, I used up 19% of the battery, which recharged up in 27 minutes on the new smart charger, somewhat faster than the previous Bosch charger. Bosch smart system with the Intuvia 100 display.

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Duncan Harrop

Duncan is MD of the UK arm of Gudereit, Gudereit-uk. In 2019 after 70 years of manufacturing hand-built, high-quality bikes in Bielefeld, Gudereit, in conjunction with Harrop & Associates (De) Ltd, established gudereit-uk to expand into the UK market. Harrop & Associates (De) Ltd are based in Devon with offices in Manchester and Muenster, Germany. We specialize in hybrid Ebikes orientated to riding comfort and exceptional quality, performance and affordability, as we say, “Engineered in Germany… Made for the UK”.

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