gudereit ec40 folding electric bike


The Gudereit EC-40 foldo e-bike combines convenience, style and performance perfectly. This award-winning bike folds up to a compact size.

gudereit 3.5evo elegance frame ebike

Town and Country

Gudereit town and country e-bikes are the perfect choices for those who want to explore the outdoors in comfort and style.

gudereit premium german e bike et14 evo


Our premium e-bikes combine the convenience and power of a Bosch electric motor with the comfort and performance of a traditional bike.

gudereit et13.5 evo german electric bike

Ultra Low Maintenance

With their combination of Gates carbon fibre belt and sealed gearbox, these bikes provide an oil and dirt-free transmission with virtually no maintenance required.


ET-13.5 evo

RRP £5,599  . 1 Blue in stock with 15% discount  NOW £4760

The Gudereit ET-13.5 Evo pinion is a top-of-the-line German electric trekking bike that will turn heads on any adventure.

Gudereit ET-13.5 evo with 12-speed Pinion gearbox, neodrives rear motor with energy recovery, neodrives 725 Wh battery and Shimano disc brake.
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ET-13.5 evo pinion

Gudereit ET-13.5 evo with 12-speed Pinion gearbox, Neodrives rear motor with energy recovery, neodrives 725 Wh battery and Shimano disc brakes.

  • neodrives rear motor
  • Pinion 12-speed gearbox
  • Shimano Disc Brake MT401
  • Suntour Raidon 27.5″ with thru axle Boost
  • Gates CDX carbon fibre belt drive
  • Supernova Pro  with dip and full beam and rear braking lights
  • Crane creek Thudbuster seat post
  • 62 mm Fat tires 

Key Components

The Gudereit ET-13.5 Evo Pinion electric bike is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and comfortable ride. This bike features a 12-speed Pinion gearbox, neodrives Z20 motor, 725 Wh battery, and Shimano disc brakes. The frame is made of lightweight aluminium, making it easy to manoeuvre and transport. With its versatile design, this bike can be used for touring and trek rides as well as for city commutes.

This bike also comes with a 27.5″ wheel size and SR Suntour Raidon fork suspension for added comfort on bumpy terrain. The Neodrives electric rear motor has 40Nm of torque to help you easily climb steep hills.

The Neodrives motor is fully sealed, the same as an EV motor, with no maintenance at all and is estimated to have a 60,000Km lifespan. Like an EV, it has two levels of recuperation to charge up the battery on downhill stretches, act as braking, and save your disc brakes. See our YouTube videos.

Its components are 93% produced and 100% assembled in Germany. Find out more about the technology.

The Pinion crank-mounted gearbox was developed at the Porsche transmission development centre by two cycling enthusiast Porsche engineers in 2006, and the first production was in 2010.

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ebike frame


Aluminum hydroform pinion ebike frame

ebike fork vector


Suntour Raidon 27.5″ with thru-axle Boost

ebike bosch motor


neodrives rear motor

ebike belt


Gates CDX

ebike frame

Belt drive

Gates timing belt CDX

brake vector


Shimano Disc Brake MT401



Supernova mini Pro with high beam, rear light Trelock/Trentlight with signal (brake/deceleration light)



Ergon GP1/OEM

e bike saddle


Terry Figura

bosch ebike battery


neodrives 725 Wh

ebike display


color display: neodrives



Pinion C1.12

e-bike crank


Gates CDX



approx. 26.9kg

front hub

Front hub

hub wheelset Rodi Tryp 35 with thru axle

rear hub

Rear hub

hub wheelset Rodi Tryp 35 with thru axle

ebike frame


Schwalbe Supermoto X 62-584



SKS plastic matt decor

ebike frame

Metres per crank turn

1.60m – 9.71m

ebike frame


Cane Creek Thudbuster

bike luggage rack

Luggage rack

Racktime Snap-it 2.0

ebike frame


Ursus King Evo



Marwi SP-823 aluminum pedals


Chain guard

Hebie Chainbar


Pinion Gearbox technology

Pinion gearboxes provide top-quality shifting for the best bikes in the world. They are a dependable and low-maintenance shifting system for both bicycles and E-bikes.

From the pawls to the camshaft to the housing, Pinion designs every part, no matter how small, and then works with automotive industry manufacturers to produce them according to our specifications. Their experienced technicians meticulously assemble the pieces with great precision, and once the assembly is complete, they perform a thorough test.

Pinion Gear

The concept of the Pinion gearbox, integrated into the centre of the bike, was conceived at Porsche’s transmission development centre in Weissach, Germany, to create a bicycle gear-shifting system that is intuitive, precise, and wear-resistant, similar to the manual transmission found in sports cars.

Pinion gearbox technology is of the highest standard.

Pinion gearboxes are integrated into the bicycle frame and provide exceptional cycling dynamics and unmatched shifting performance. Pinion gearboxes are designed for cycling and use technology based on proven automotive transmission systems, making them a reliable choice for demanding cycling conditions. The gearbox is highly durable and reliable even in harsh conditions, as it does not wear quickly and does not need readjustments.

Pinion C1.12 gearbox

The Gudereit ET13.5 evo pinion bike uses the Pinion C-Line C1.12 gearbox with 12 gears. The compact housing uses patented shifting technology and is made of lightweight magnesium.

The Pinion C1.12 gearbox is designed for shifting gears during everyday casual rides, recreational outings, and extended trips. Twelve finely stepped gears offer unique shifting comfort and an outstanding gear ratio range. The C1.12 gearbox easily outclasses modern derailleur drivetrains with its 600% overall gear range.

Reliable, clean and low maintenance

The Pinion gearbox is virtually wear-free and extremely low maintenance. Dirt can’t get into the system due to the sealed housing design, meaning frequent drivetrain lubrication and cleaning is a thing of the past!

Pinion gears are perfect for e-bikes.

Whether city, tour or trekking, Pinion works with leading motor manufacturers to offer ideal drivetrain configurations for all types of E-Bikes.

Protected shifting mechanism and lightweight

Pinion stands for reliable and durable drivetrains – under all conditions. The C-line’s magnesium housing is coated with a long-lasting anthracite metallic powder coating, and for additional peace of mind, a protective film protects the gearbox from stone chips. The magnesium housing is 33% lighter than aluminium, and sophisticated, high-precision manufacturing processes allow an ultra-light “Made in Germany” magnesium alloy.

Pinion bikes

All Pinion gearboxes have spur gearing that consists of two sub-units connected one after the other. The individual gear ratios are derived by matching the two sub-units with various cog pairings. The C1.12 gearbox is built using a 4-gear unit mated to a 3-gear unit.

The Pinion C1.12 gearbox is the shifting system for everyday, leisure, and touring riders. Twelve finely stepped Pinion gears offer an outstanding gear ratio range and unique shifting comfort.

Benefits of a Pinion gearbox

  1. RELAXED EVERY DAY RIDING. The sealed shifting mechanism keeps out dirt, meaning frequent drivetrain cleaning and lubrication is a thing of the past.
  2. EXCEPTIONAL TECHNOLOGY. Pinion bikes have won countless “test winner” and “best buy” accolades in the press, underpinning their expertise in modern drivetrain technology for bicycles.
  3. ROBUST & DURABLE. The Pinion gearbox is tested to automotive standards and withstands the highest stresses with its outstanding durability.

Sealed shifting mechanism

The Pinion gearboxes are integrated into the centre of the bicycle frame to provide a well-balanced riding experience that cannot be compared to any other. The gearbox is resistant to all weather conditions, including rain, dust, and ice, so the shifting mechanism remains unaffected. You don’t have to worry about drivetrain cleaning and maintenance.

Belt driven for maximum mileage

Gates Carbon Drive belts are an ideal match for Pinion gearboxes. According to Gates’ testing, using belts instead of traditional bicycle chains offers clear benefits. Belts are more durable and can withstand three to four times the mileage while requiring less maintenance to remain efficient. Additionally, frequent cleaning and lubrication of the drivetrain are no longer necessary.

Gudereit Pinion bikes are the perfect choice for riders who want a reliable, low-maintenance, lightweight bike. With a 600% overall gear range, the C1.12 gearbox easily outclasses modern derailleur drivetrains. Its patented shifting technology in a compact housing of lightweight magnesium ensures smooth and comfortable rides every time. The sealed shifting mechanism keeps out dirt and dust, while the ergonomically sensible gear ratio range has been tailored to suit any riding activity or terrain. With Gudereit Pinion Bikes, you can look forward to effortlessly conquering every trail ahead of you!

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gudereit et13.5 evo german electric bike

Gudereit ET-13.5 evo with 12-speed Pinion gearbox, neodrives rear motor with energy recovery, neodrives 725 Wh battery and Shimano disc brake.

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