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The Gudereit EC-40 foldo e-bike combines convenience, style and performance perfectly. This award-winning bike folds up to a compact size.

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Town and Country

Gudereit town and country e-bikes are the perfect choices for those who want to explore the outdoors in comfort and style.

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Our premium e-bikes combine the convenience and power of a Bosch electric motor with the comfort and performance of a traditional bike.

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Ultra Low Maintenance

With their combination of Gates carbon fibre belt and sealed gearbox, these bikes provide an oil and dirt-free transmission with virtually no maintenance required.


Electric folding bikes

Folding electric bikes are the perfect way to get around quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re commuting to work or running errands, they provide a convenient and eco-friendly solution.

gudereit EC-40 evo Foldo

gudereit EC-40 evo Foldo

Gudereit EC-40 evo foldo foldable 20-inch e-bike for maximum mobility with no oily/dirty chain and gears. Arrive at your destination with clean hands, shoes and trousers.

Electric folding bikes


The EC-40 Foldo is the Swiss army knife of the cycling world, enabling you to nip to the train station, zip to a nearby meeting, bundle your bike into the car or train for a weekend away, or commute to work. Adding an electric motor means you’ve got it all in a tiny but perfectly formed package.

What are folding electric bikes?

The EC-40 is fitted with an electric motor and Bosch 500 Ah built-in Powertube battery and has a frame designed to fold down for easy transportation and storage. Folding electric bikes are designed to be easily folded in under a minute, making them convenient to carry and transport.

All road-legal electric bikes, including electric folding bikes, have a motor and a rechargeable battery for pedal assistance. The motor will provide pedal assistance, but you must still keep pedalling even when it’s on.

The motor will assist you in reaching a speed of 15.5mph, which is the limit in the UK. If you go faster than that, you must rely on your legs.

Gudereit have spent significant time developing this specific frame that can incorporate a battery pack and motor. Folding electric bikes are the same size as traditional folding bikes but weigh slightly more.

If you’re planning to buy an electric folding bike, keep these factors in mind to help you choose the right one:

Battery power and range

The motor and battery are an electric folding bike’s most costly and crucial components. 

We recommended comparing the bike range with your commuting distance to ensure you get the best buy. If your daily round-trip commute or a weekend ride is 40 miles plus, then you need not worry about the Foldo. For a weekend in London or a trip in the Peak District, all can be done with one charge, with no range anxiety.

Remember that other estimated ranges are the best-case scenario, and various factors can impact the actual mileage you will achieve with a full charge. Examples include your weight, weather conditions and the level of assistance you use. Therefore, view the estimates as only estimates and be cautious.

The positive aspect of the EC-40 is that the bike can be ridden as a non-Ebike even if the battery runs out. This is due to the design and engineering behind this unique Ebike. This is not the case with front or rear wheel hub motors.

Why should I buy a folding electric bike?

Electric folding bikes are an exciting innovation that helps riders of all ages and abilities go further and faster. The portable battery pack and powerful electric motor provide pedal assistance, making any ride more manageable and quicker.

Arrive looking and feeling your best

The pedalling support you receive from the EC-40 Bosch Active Line Plus motor means you’ll never arrive at your destination hot and bothered. 

Reduce the risk of theft

Folding electric bikes can be stored inside your building, close to your desk, or even in the pub or in the train luggage rack. You’ll no longer need to lock your bike in a rack or alone outside in the rain, dramatically reducing the chances of it being stolen. Plus, all Gudereit folding ebikes have serial numbers printed on the frame, which makes them even easier to trace.

Uniquely, we at gudereit-uk offer the free registration of your Gudereit in our database if the client wants to. If stolen, and because Gudereit Ebikes are new to the UK, it would be advertised on the internet, and as we import all the bikes, we can Identify who the owner is.

We specialise in four categories of ebike: premium, low maintenance, folding and electric touring bikes. From time to time we have a selection of ex demo electric bikes for sale.

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